As remote work becomes more common, so does the existence of a dual monitor setup. Having two monitors can surprisingly be a life changing experience as you no longer have to struggle with jumping back and forth between multiple windows and tabs. And to make the experience better, it’s recommended that you purchase a dual monitor stand for the two displays. Most don’t know this, but having a badly positioned monitor can put a lot of strain on the body, namely the shoulders, neck, and back. Sitting in an awkward position for hours on end can have a negative impact on your body. A monitor stand that you can adjust solves this problem. There are several aspects that you’ll have to consider when shopping for a monitor mounts. You’ll need to ask yourself what kind of mount type you want, the capacity of its weight load, and how big should it be. It’s important to look for the best mount that fits your needs. This guide will show four of the best dual monitors on Comp Giant, and it will separate them by price point. All these mounts are great and will surely satisfy you, but having different budget options is always a plus. Around $100 - Tripp Lite Monitor Mount Starting off the list is this monitor mount from Tripp Lite. It’s VESA compliant mount that can support two flat screen displays and clamps onto a desk. The rugged steel clamp lifts the monitors high above the desk, freeing up a lot of valuable work space. The Tripp Lite mount can fit most displays between 13 to 27 inches and the clamp can fit on desks that are 0.4 to 3.3 inches thick, which is the majority of desks assuming there isn’t a drawer underneath. It has brackets on the back for cable management, preventing cords and wires from getting tangled. It’s also important to point out that both arms can support up to 17.6 pounds, which is a max of 35.3 pounds. The mount is also pretty flexible as you can adjust it to fit certain viewing angles and minimize annoying glare from the sun. It can tilted back 30 degrees or forward by the same amount. The Tripp Lite can swivel right and left up to 90 degrees and can rotate a full 360 degrees for screen positioning. Plus, you can adjust its height if you’re standing and want something at eye level. Around $200 - SIIG Monitor Mount Next is the unique Gas Spring Desk Mount from SIIG. The mount attaches itself to the desk with a heavy duty clamp and grommet mount base makes it easy to install and maintains a strong foundation, so you won’t have to worry about It tipping or falling. The VESA plate on that attaches to the display can rotate and support both portrait and landscape monitor position. It’s made out of aluminum for a lightweight form factor yet is strong enough to support monitors ranging from 13 to 32 inches weighing up to 19.8 pounds on each arm. On the back is a cable management system to organize cables and keep everything out of the way and maximize space. What’s unique about SIIG’s mount is that it features a unique gas spring for full smooth motion. This allows the monitors to be adjusted in a variety of different angles and heights. The mount’s height can be adjusted from 6.8 inches to 19.5 inches tall. You can tilt the monitors backwards and forwards 90 degrees, and pan left to right up to 180 degrees. The arms swivel up to 360 degrees, so as you can see, the SIIG mount is quite flexible. And best of all, it has a sleek look that’s sure to look good in any office. Around $300 - ARMDUAL30 Monitor Mount Here we have the ARMDUAL 30 from StarTech. It can support two VESA compliant monitors that can be aligned side-by-side or stacked on top of one another. The monitors can be easily adjusted thanks to special springs in the mount’s arms that be place in whatever position you like. The size of monitors depend on whether you go for a horizontal setup or vertical setup where the displays on top of one another. The horizontal setup can support monitors from 12 inches to 30 inches and is ideal for more creative oriented work like graphic design. In the vertical setup, the sizes shrink a bit as this configuration supports monitors that are 12 inches to 24 inches. Height is also limited as well. Whereas the horizontal setup can support monitors of whatever height as long as they don’t exceed the weight limit, the vertical setup can only support displays with a max height of 14 inches. The ARMDUAL30 is made out steel and aluminum whose arms can each support up to 19.8 pounds. The spring in the arm can raise and lower the monitors in a smooth motion, plus it has a 360 degree angle of rotation, so it’s quite flexible. And like the previous two, the ARMDUAL30 can attach to a desk via clamp for easy installation. Around $350 - Ergotech Group 7Flex-DUAL-ETUS 104 The last of this list is this dual monitor arm from 7Flex. This mount has to be one of the more unique offerings on the website as the screen can move independently from one other in a variety of directions. It’s highly flexible and is compatible with all types of VESA displays. The mount can be moved 16 inches off the surface of the tablet and can extend out two feet. The best part about this mount is that despite how far it can extend, it has a compact design. It can fold up flat to just take up 3.5 inches of space. There are multiple mounting options for the Ergotech in case a heavy duty clamp doesn’t do it for you. In addition to the clamp, you have the option to install it through the desk, onto a wall, grommet, side bolt, or reverse wall. Whatever works the best for your office situation. Now, it can’t support very monitors as it has a max weight capacity of 17 pounds. But if you do manage to find lightweight monitors, you can enjoy a wide range of motion with hardly any limitations. And that’s the list. Those are the best four dual monitor mounts on Comp Giant. There are other more expensive mounts, but those typically fit bigger or curved monitors. They are a lot more specialized versus the generalized options listed here. Let us know what you think of these mounts!