Trendnet TC-TP1 Network Probe for TC-NT2 network analyzer Black,White

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TRENDnet´s TC-TP1 is an easy-to-use amplified inductor and tone probe that is used for tone tracing and line testing. The TC-TP1 features a simple push button that provides easy operation and conserves battery power. This ergonomically designed device comes with adjustable volume control and signal LED for enhanced accuracy in noisy environments. The TC-TP1 also includes a Ring/Tip polarity test indicator. When combined with a compatible Tone Generator, a technician can quickly locate, isolate and test commonly used voice and data cables swiftly and efficiently.

-Compatible with Most Tone Generators.
-Composite Tip Reduces the Risk of Getting Shock.
-Built-In Speaker with Adjustable Volume (Gain).
-Earphone Jack (2.5 mm) for Using with Earphone in Noisy Environment.
-Tone Signal LED Indicator.
-Detects AC or DC Power up to 24 Volts.
-Identifies Analog Phone Jack Polarity and Verifies Line Functioning.
-Equipped with RJ-45 Jack and a short RJ-11 Jumper Cable is included.
-+/- Terminals for Butt Set or Alligator Clips.
-Push Button for Easy Operation and Conserves Battery Power.
-Lanyard Attachment for Quick Access to the Probe.
-1-year limited warranty.
EAN 0710931401226
Product colourBlack,White
Technical details
Product colourBlack,White
Manufacturer Trendnet