Toshiba X300 Pro 3.5" 14 GB Serial ATA III

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X300 Pro Performance Internal Hard Drive For creative professionals who need high workload performance storage. Applications: - Professional desktop workstations - Multimedia design workstations - High-end gaming computers - High workload performance PC Capacity to Create. Built to Perform. Expand your creative horizons and unlock your imagination with Toshiba’s X300 Pro Performance Internal Hard Drive; designed to take you places. Built for high-end workstations and multimedia systems, the X300 Pro can support high intensity workloads up to 300TB/yr with increased reliability of up to MTTF 1.0 million hours and room up to 18TB of storage capacity. Optimized to handle high-end graphics and videos, the X300 Pro hard drive delivers a fast 7200 RPM rotational speed and large cache size to help shorten response time. This drive offers time-tested quality that is backed by Toshiba’s five year limited warranty and that gives you the peace of mind to create with confidence. The X300 Pro Performance Hard Drive is here so you can create like a pro. Powerful Performance 7200 RPM speed with up to 512 MB cache size. Toshiba Cache Technology delivers real-time drive performance. High Reliability Supports Workload rate of up to 300 TB/year and MTTF up to 1.0M hours. Accurate & Responsive Innovative actuator designs help optimize positioning accuracy and read/write performance for real-time access to data. Toshiba X300 Pro Performance Internal Hard Drive The Toshiba X300 Pro Performance Internal Hard Drive is built with the intention to let you create without boundaries. With Toshiba cache technology and up to 18TB storage capacity, you can feel free to follow your imagination wherever it takes you.
EAN 0723844001087
Manufacturer Toshiba