Micron 7450 PRO U.3 3840 GB PCI Express 4.0 3D TLC NAND NVMe

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The Micron 7450 SSD with NVMe™ is the world’s most advanced 176-layer NAND data center SSD, delivering exceptional latency and PCIe Gen4 with extensive deployment options. World’s Most Advanced NAND in a Data Center SSD The Micron 7450 SSD enables flexible cloud and data center designs to support a wide variety of workloads. The 7450 SSD is built on Micron’s state-of-the-art, 176-layer NAND. Available in the broadest range of PCIe® Gen4 SSD form factors enabling you to use the Micron 7450 for all major platform functions (boot, cache and main data storage). The Micron 7450 SSD consistently delivers 2ms and lower latency for 99.9999% QoS1 and offers next-generation security features such as Micron’s unique Secure Execution Environment.2 It is designed for high-capacity SSD needs and includes a PCIe Gen4 M.2 22x80mm with power-loss protection model — specifically designed for server boot use. Improves Storage Performance Across Data Center Workloads The Micron 7450 SSD utilizes Micron's innovative 176-layer NAND, which combines the highest layer count with Micron CMOS-under-array technology and PCIe Gen4 to provide industry-leading performance,3 enabling faster booting and improved application responsiveness. Enables Rapid, Reliable and Responsive Data Center Workloads The Micron 7450 SSD consistently delivers 2ms and lower latency for 99.9999% QoS4 improving performance in databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, RocksDB, Cassandra and Aerospike.5 Supports a Wide Variety of Data Centers - Reducing Qualification Time, Cost and Complexity Capacities range from 400GB to 15.36TB5— including an industry-leading 8TB E1.@ capacity and a new 15.36TB capacity. It has the industry’s broadest variety of form factors to meet evolving power and thermal needs — U.3, M.2, E1.S — including the only PCIe Gen4 U.3 SSD with both 15mm and 7mm thicknesses available.
EAN 0649528925664
Manufacturer Micron