Desk Mount guide – Pick the perfect Desk mount for your monitor and improve your workplace

Most of the stock mounts or stands that you get when you buy a new monitor probably aren’t up to the expected standard. They might stand on your desk and hold up the screen but that’s about it. Most stock monitor stands or desk mounts that come from manufacturers are barebones and lack options for both ergonomics and viewing (with a few exceptions for gaming-branded and premium models). You can replace your stock desk mount with a dedicated stand as it will help you improve your workspace. What to look for in the perfect desk mount? VESA Compatible – If you are using a third-party mount or stand, the monitor needs to be VESA Compatible. This means that standard mounting holes should be drilled into the back, directly into the monitor’s steel frame as it will allow the compatible mount to be screwed in. Flexibility and Maximum Desk Space– The monitor mount should allow you to free up the valuable desk space and bring to monitor to a comfortable distance and viewing height when sitting. Easy installation and warranty – Make sure the desk mount is simple to install and effortless to operate. Warranty – Do not underestimate the importance of warranty as the reliable brands always give a high warranty period so check the warranty before buying. If you are in the market for a sturdy and reliable desk mount, do not forget to check out Compgiant. We have all types of desk mounts in our inventory including flat panel desk mounts, side clamp desk mounts, multi monitor and more. You can visit our official website and check out the collection.