Creative Labs Sound blaster audigy fx v2 Internal 5.1 channels PCI-E

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Bridging the gap between performance and value, our all-new Sound Blaster Audigy Fx V2 introduces pristine audio fidelity, advanced audio processing through Sound Blaster Acoustic Engine, and our latest audio innovation—SmartComms Kit—a suite of smart communication features designed to improve the way you communicate online. With professional audio now made personal, the Sound Blaster Audigy Fx V2 is the perfect addition to your gaming rig or workstation! It features 5.1 surround sound, high-quality audio with 120 dB SNR, and high-resolution 24-bit 192 kHz playback. You can also choose to further enhance the audio performance of your PC with Sound Blaster Audigy Fx V2 DBPro-an optional daughterboard expansion card with upgrades such as DSD256 playback support, added side channels for full 7.1 discrete surround, as well as the addition of an optical-out port. HIGH-RESOLUTION PLAYBACK Is your default PC audio enough? While computers today do come with a basic onboard sound card on the motherboard, the audio quality is usually mediocre at best if you have a penchant for high-resolution music. With Sound Blaster Audigy Fx V2, enjoy an easy upgradable solution to enhance your computer's audio. The sound card is capable of delivering high-fidelity playback resolution of up to 24-bit / 192 kHz at 120 dB DNR, giving you a huge performance boost to your computer's sound-bringing out the best in your music, movies, and games! CINEMATIC SURROUND SOUND Immerse yourself in all your movies and games with the Sound Blaster Audigy Fx V2! Hook up your 5.1 home speaker system or amplifier to upgrade your cinematic experience with its 5.1 channel outputs, or plug in your headphones for an equally immersive 5.1 virtual surround listening experience. AMPLIFY YOUR HEADPHONES Turn up the volume and enjoy some high-quality listening on your studio-grade headphones. The Sound Blaster Audigy Fx V2 is capable of driving high impedance 600Ω headphone with no loss of quality at any volume! CUSTOMIZE YOUR AUDIO To further boost your audio experience with the Sound Blaster Audigy Fx V2, access Sound Blaster Acoustic Engine's suite of technologies-Bass Boost, Surround, Crystalizer, Dialog+, and Smart Volume-for your movies, music, and games via the Creative app. It's also easier than ever to customize your audio to meet your specific needs. The app comes with pre-tuned audio profiles and EQs, where you can customize and switch to different profiles with just a simple click of a button. SCOUT MODE On the gaming front, the Sound Blaster Audigy Fx V2 is coupled with Scout Mode, which lets you hear your enemies before you see them. It enhances important in-game audio cues—such as footsteps and weapon switching sounds—allowing you to quickly and accurately pinpoint your opponents' location before they do! COMMUNICATE SMARTER WITH SMARTCOMMS KIT Our SmartComms Kit was developed to fix one common issue for Windows users—to simplify the way we communicate online—via a suite of smart communication features. Why fuss over mute controls or get distracted by unwanted background noises when you should be focusing on what matters instead? Plus, it can be used with any headsets or headphones with microphones! With features such as VoiceDetect that automatically unmutes you as you speak, and NoiseClean that provides two-way noise cancellation which cancels static background noise during a call, your conversations will be more productive, and less disruptive. MUTE AND UNMUTE YOURSELF AUTOMATICALLY Have you ever been caught in a situation where you asked a question and anxiously waiting for a response from your teammates, or tried sharing your ideas with your co-workers, only to realize you were on mute? Our VoiceDetect feature controls your mute status by voice detection as you speak—your microphone gets muted automatically when you stop speaking, and unmutes you instantly as you start speaking. There is absolutely no need to fiddle with any buttons—physical or in-app— so it keeps you focused on your train of thought. TWO-WAY NOISE CANCELLATION NoiseClean-in analyzes your incoming audio (imagine someone with a noisy background in your video call), detecting and suppressing the unwanted noises, before sending just their clean voice to you through your headphones. NoiseClean-out does the same—but for your own background noise. And don't just take our words for it. Hear it for yourself! When you're done with your online meeting, turn off the NoiseClean features and continue with normal media playback with the Sound Blaster Audigy FX V2 for the best audio experience. The NoiseClean features work best for static background noises such as fans, air conditioning, air purifier, humidifiers, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, electric shavers, and even lawn mowers. CONNECT CONVENIENTLY No more performing unnecessary stretches just to plug in your headphones or speakers! The Sound Blaster Audigy FX V2 comes with individual playback end points for Front and Rear Panel stereo output. The sound card is also capable of recognizing 4-pole headsets and connectors, simply plug in your device to enjoy! BUILT COMPACT The Sound Blaster Audigy FX V2 is designed in half-height form factor and comes with interchangeable half-height or full height mounting brackets to suit your PC configuration, giving you the flexibility of installing the sound card in a small form factor desktop PC. ADDITIONAL ENHANCEMENT WITH DBPRO Want to boost your audio even further? We got you covered! The Sound Blaster Audigy Fx V2 is upgradable with the purchase of Sound Blaster Audigy Fx V2 DBPro—an optional daughterboard expansion card. Connecting it to the Sound Blaster Audigy Fx V2 gives you DSD256 playback support, full 7.1 discrete surround sound, and addition of an optical-out port to complement your PC audio upgrade journey!
SKU 70SB187000000
EAN 0054651194915
Line-out Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)120 dB
Audio output channels5.1 channels
Audio quality24 bit
Ports & interfaces
Host interfacePCI-E
Headphone outputs1
Subwoofer outYes
Microphone inYes
Windows operating systems supportedWindows 10, Windows 11
Technical details
Harmonized System (HS) code84733020
Manufacturer Creative Labs