Black Box IC1474A-F serial converter/repeater/isolator RS-232 RS-422

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Async RS232 to RS-422 Interface Bidirectional Converter, DB9 Female to DB9 Female

Quick Facts

- Converts unbalanced RS-232 signals to balanced RS-422 signals.
- The RS-232 side has a DB9 port configured as DCE.
- The RS-422 side has a DB9 connector.

Further Details

- RS-422 pin-outs match an SMPTE video standard-compatible controlling device.
- For DB9 equipment, if the peripheral operates on the RS-422 signal, use only one DB9 converter. But if the transmitting and receiving equipment only operates on RS-232, use two converters.
- Provides 115.2-kbps speed for distances up to 4000 feet (1219.2 m).
EAN 0822088066347
Technical details
Serial ports quantity2
Output interfaceRS-422
Host interfaceRS-232
Product colourBlack
LED indicatorsNo
Manufacturer Black Box