Black Box FT2500A cable stripper Black, Blue

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There's a single stripping tool for multiple applications! The BLACK BOX® Universal Stripping Tool holds two cartridges. The cartridge in use loads easily into a slot for stripping, and you can keep an additional cartridge in a compartment in the body of the tool. The UTP cartridge (included) is molded from durable glass-filled polycarbonate, and its cutting blade is molded to industry-standard depth. The cartridge is configured for RJ-45 plugs. It can easily remove a UTP cable's outer jacket without nicking the twisted-pair conductors. Of course, not all cable is UTP! That's why we also offer cartridges for coax and CATV cables. These cartridge blades are made from the same sharp polycarbonate as the UTP cartridge, so your prep work is always quick and accurate.
EAN 0822088098386
Product colourBlack, Blue
Manufacturer Black Box